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18 May 1980
I'm a year 11 student at Wesley Glen Waverley senior college. I was on the Middleschool executive as the official videographer and when I go to uni I'd like to study science and screen writing. I live with my parents and one younger brother.

I'm a 6th year uni student studying a double arts/science degree at melbourne uni. I'm a weekend goth, I used to work at raves selling glowsticks with deathbyshinies but these days we sort of hang out the English Dept and 2nd floor... and of course the SCA. I still haven't got my tomcat server working yet.

I'm a graduate student with the university of melbourne. I'm studying genetics, and finally learning molecular biology. I've also got my tomcat server working, although I prefer perl and python these days.

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well, I've just dropped my dox.
berzerkerwarlokkerung, field hockey, indoor rock climbing, making stuff, opensource, programming, recreational insomnia, science (all diciplines), singing bass baritone, sushi, web enabled e-sleep, writing