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so you bought an e-book in ePub format of amazon or pragmatic bookshelf or somewhere and now you want to read it. only your phone doesn't know how.

O'Reilly has a service called bookworm which will convert your ePub book into beautiful html and let you read it anywhere. you just go to the site and log in and all your books are there in an online library. (actually, this isn't very hard for them to do since ePub books are just zipped xhtml with a few restrictions on what kind of tags are allowed and a specific directory structure)

There's free and opensource tools for you author your own ePub books (which you can then sell via amazon)



Actually, having read through the specs of the ePub format, it might be interesting to use a pdftohtml converter as part of a hack to make PDF journal articles readable via bookworm or some kind of electronic ink e-book reader.


that would save my tired eyes a lot of strain.