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Glasgow distributed Haskell


So you like how erlang doesn't care if the actor passing a message is on the same server or over tcp/ip half a world away, but you feel constrained by erlang's strict evaluation.

why not try Glasgow distributed Haskell (GdH)? Now you can operate over infinite sets and only evaluate the parts you need.

GdH combines the multiple processes of Concurrent Haskell with the multiple processing elements of Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GpH). In summary the language is a minimal super-set of GpH and Concurrent Haskell and so maintains full backwards compatibility while providing a hierachy of threads: explicitly placed I/O threads making use of the individual resources of each machine, and then the implicit pure threads for parallelism.

It's a recently completed language, and is tested for small scale applications. We'll see if it can challenge erlang in the big leagues in the years to come.

i wonder how GdH stacks up against JoCaml