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Hey guys,

We are very pleased to announce that the Emotiv SDK including an SDK headset is now available for immediate license..

The Emotiv SDK- Standard Edition includes an SDK Headset and our proprietary software toolkit that exposes our APIs and detection libraries. This is now available to independent developers and independent researchers for only $500. To license the SDK, please visit http://www.emotiv.com/corporate/1_0/1_6.htm

Enterprise, Enterprise Plus and Research Plus Editions of the SDK are also available for license. More details on the Emotiv Developer Program can be found below.

Thank you heaps for being patience and supportiv.

The target market is gaming - the idea is that the headset picks up your non-conscious queues such as emotion or the moment of perception and then maps those into input (for now keystrokes, but there might be some directX drivers on the horizon.) This opens up the possibility of games where game characters know when you've spotted them, or where you have to call up a specific emotion to cast a spell.

I think a cheap brainwave headset could be useful in injury rehab and relaxation therapy. Well time will tell.