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Justice for Sourabh Sharma, Baljinder Singh and other bashed indian students

A number of Indian students were gang bashed and hospitalised earlier this month and the Indian community is mad as hell about it. Thousands of members of the Indian community turned out in protest filling the intersection of Flinders street and Swanston street yesterday afternoon. The protesters called for the police to speedily arrest and try the youths seen in CCTV video bashing Sourabh Sharma on a train on may 9th, the attackers who stabbed Baljinder Singh on May 22nd and other attackers of indian students. This is not the first attack on an indian student in recent months, but it was unusually vicious and left the student in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Photos to come.

Melbourne, May 28: Baljinder Singh, an Indian student was robbed and stabbed in Melbourne, just few days after two cases of racial attack on Indian students were reported.

Buzz up!
Baljinder had left a railway station on Monday, May 22 when two men carrying weapons approached him and demanded money. As he searched through his bag to hand over his wallet he was stabbed in the abdomen. 25-year-old Baljinder said, "They just laughed when they stabbed me in the stomach. They laughed at me...I was screaming 'don't kill me, don't kill me'."

The attack follows another racial assault on an Indian student on a train May 9. Sourabh Sharma, 21, was brutally beaten by a group of teenagers, one of whom is shown laughing in the video footage of the attack.

In another case 4 Andhra Pradesh students were attacked of which Shravan Kumar's condition is critical. Melbourne once considered as a safe place to live in is no longer safe, specially for Indians.
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