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I'm going to try something that Dr Morrell recommended:

I'm going to limit my breaks to 15 minutes to avoid having to switch mental states before returning to the activity at hand.

Also whenever I notice my mood change or I begin to get distracted from my activity I'll do the groundedness exercise. actually I'm to do this as often as I want to each day.

The Groundedness Exercise is designed to anchor the self - the aim is to remain with the activity you are doing at the time.

When feeling distracted or experiencing a mood change, think about this prompt:
Prompt: What activity am I doing now?

Take three deep breaths by counting to three while you inhale through the nose, and counting to three as you exhale out the mouth. hold the tension in your stomach as if it's a balloon.

Immediately after the 3 breaths, do a "body scan" where you itemise your body from head to toe, asking if that body part is feeling tense. If it is, make a conscious decision to relax it, and then keep moving down.

as soon as complete, return to the activity you were doing.

example, as soon as you wake up, you prompt yourself "I am waking up." then you breathe, do the body scan and then get up. feel the pressure of the floor through the soles of your feet.

Then, if you need to, prompt yourself "I am getting dressed."

and so on. It's apparently quite helpful.