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Remind me to never ever double park

At about 7:30pm or 7:45pm ish tonight I was walking north, heading home.

I heard this terrible grinding noise mixed with screaming, so I ran 20m or so to investigate.

There was a silver 5 door car stopped in the road with hazards on facing south, both front doors open. A woman was sort of wedged in the space between a white van (parked) and the 5 door. behind the white van there was a silver pick up truck with scrape marks all down its right side, and there were corrisponding scrape marks on the passenger side door of the south facing 5 door car.

A man was trying to help the woman.

I called the ambulance. After spending a few minutes with the dispatcher trying to figure out what suburb in the city I was in (I could give the street and street number, and a land mark and we worked it out from there) they sent the ambos, who arrived in about 5 or 10 minutes. A black police car carrying a Senior Sargent and his constable showed up later.

The man who was trying to help the woman said that they were in the process of organising a dance in the hall we were standing in front of. He double parked, dropped his wife (the woman) off. She must have gotten tangled up in his car, because when he accelerated away she was scraped along the side of the pick up truck and smacked into the van.

That was the grinding noise I heard.

By the time he figured out what had happened she was down with lacerations to the head and a possible broken arm.

She was taken to the hospital in good time and at 8:15pm the police thanked me and sent me on my way. The people from the hall were nice enough to say I could drop by for a drink in happier times.

I hope the lady gets well soon.


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May. 13th, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
That must have been nasty to be around for :(. I hope the lady is alright too.
May. 14th, 2009 01:36 am (UTC)
Yeah. I've certainly learned a lesson about automobile safety.

The man who ran over his wife had his car photographed by the cops, and will probably be facing penalties of some sort.

deathbyshinies had to talk me down afterwards. I'm fine during the actual emergency, it's afterwards when it's over that the comedown is a pain.
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