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They've been making progress in powdered extrusion molding of metals while the rest of the world is struggling to perfect metal injection molding.

Metal injection molding is a technique where metal particles are mixed with a plastic binder which allows them to be handled as easily as molten plastic. you can then injection mold any shape you could make from plastic, in metal. a debinding process allows you to remove the plastic, and then the metal is heated to sinter it into a solid working component which is almost as strong as a cast metal component.

the difference between casting and MIM is that the metal component produced by MIM is dimensionally perfect, and requires no further machining before assembly. Metal injection molding has been popular in the aerospace and firearms industry as a cost saving technique.

Now powdered metal extrusion molding means that you can do same thing, but without the mold. you can extrude the material in a rapid prototyper such as rep-rap and make arbitray metal shapes which are strong enough to be functional.

we're doomed.