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eat that microsoft surface.

Using a Utouch overlay from uicentric the whole screen is just inches thick.

Seightan @ Feb 17th 2009 6:41PM

lol D&D on this would be awesome. You could have all the books on pdf scattered on the screen as well as virtual dice to roll. You can pass a book around by flinging it at someone else with your finger. Damn now I want one.

Now that's a genuinely interesting idea. All the fun and imagination of pen and paper D&D without the cleanup. when you're done roleplaying just snap your fingers and the whole setup is put away.

Google's Interesting clicks page in my personalised web history.

Also, it seems I'm asleep for 5 hours a night on average, between 3am and 8am (since there's a slight dip there in the number of searches I do on google, and another dip when I'm in transit from work to home at 7pm.)


Statz 4 life

I got tha difference on the top
and the error on the bottom.