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To do:
Goal of having specific hours in the lab and break experiments down into more routine, manageable chunks. Jin is hereby banned from any more "heroic efforts".

24 individual fly extractions
24 gDNA validations
24 individuals run on lightcycler against homozygous DNA standards.

Order primers from invitrogen.

This week:
test RT-PCR primers:

Cook laying plates
cook 3x agar normal food plates

Generate Celera 3rd instar, do not chemically challenge, freeze in LN2.

RT-PCR and check pipetting accuracy.

(lisa and ronald offered to help)

This month:
Plan preliminary willoughby-style 3rd Instar exposures. (day by day plan)

Make a graph of the backcross survivors which shows the raw data. No averages. Just number into challenge vial and number of surviving adults per vial. (cf emily remnant)

Remind P to email T.

Next month:
Reciprocal cross to finally nail down if F1 resistance is dominant or recessive for each toxin.

Read up on alpha a resistance, check original papers. Dominant or recessive? monogeneic sure, but what other properties.

"Small consistent efforts. That's what we need. That builds routine. We can build off a low base. Once you get 5 days in a row of good, productive, sensible work, even if it's two hours a day, we can easily extend to 6 days or more. I'd rather have you in the lab for 2 hours a day for 5 days, than seeing you in for 16 hours in one day and then despondent and exhausted for the rest of the week."