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capitalism as an amplifier

hmm, I'm sure this isn't an original thought, but...

If money is a way to coerce people into doing things you want them to do, then the capitalist economy is a method to amplify the will of a single person who has capital by the number of people who are willing to work for money.

Since humans can reproduce exponentially and human greed is infinite (the amplification process has very low impedance) the capitalist system faithfully reproduces the will of the person controlling it on a very grand scale.

If the system breaks down by not following the rules of lending or price-fixing to create a black market then the greed remains but the fidelity of the amplified actions goes awry. The resulting chaos is what we see today in this depression - the money flows are disrupted by a credit crunch, capitial stops growing and so the economy becomes disorganised and flails out of control.