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had a weird dream that I was living on campus in a multistory college accomodation thing. I was walking through the foyer which had a little lecture theater where a biotech company was holding a seminar (it was summer and most of the undergrads were away).

the biotech company was selling an anti-nausea anti-motion sickness drug and showed evidence that it worked in a wide variety of animals, including mice on a rotor-rod and dros in an inebreometer.

they then went on to demonstrate how their blue powder induced expression of various genes in neurons which created a long lasting resistance to motion sickness. They even replicated the effect in dros and mice by calibrated overexpression the genes involved making super-balanced flies and dizzy-proof mice.

Phil D was there in the dream. i asked him about it, he noted in the dream that the expression data showed a lot of other pathways were up besides the ones purported to be related to balance. melanin production, neurotransmitters, all of them were getting hosed. the genetic manipulation experiments that this drug company were doing didn't reflect the actual effects of the drug.

that's when I woke up.

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