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trying to get organised

7:00am wake up
eat something
text lil brother happy birthday
feed cats so they don't eat me
let cats out so they don't poop in my bed
make list of things to do

do laundry as soon as the housemates get up

have a walk or jog

11am go to uni
do fly transfers
eat something to keep mental acuity or serve as reward

2pm beg borrow steal or most likely make up some phenol:chloroform:isoamyl alcohol
perform a few gDNA extractions.
Qubit gDNA extractions to see if phenol:chloroform mix is ok
if ok, perform more gDNA extractions

7:30pm coffee with aditya somewhere. maybe eat dinner.

go home.
take in laundry if it's not rained on.
clean up.
clock out.

I think that's a fair enough plan for a saturday.