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had a weird dream

inside people's homes there were these tube things that people slept in instead of beds. some dude was just outside my tube waiting to assassinate me.

also, the same dude shot a quadraplegic local folk hero in the dream just after a public statue was unveiled commemorating the folk hero's service as a taxi driver.

the statue was a taxi rear right passenger door, a left rear door and a left hand drive drivers console and the left half of a windshield set into the pavement of a public square at the correct distances from each other

you could sit at each of the stations and pretend you were in the cab. that's what the hero dude was doing when the assassin arrived.

the hero dude never found out that if you pressed a button on the driver's console, the rest of the car would rise from concealed slots in the ground and assemble around you, deploying seats or not depending on whether you were in a wheelchair or not.

the car wouldn't drive, but it did have an awesome entertainment system with video games and cable tv etc.

oh, and i was also trying to figure out the postage on greeting card to the uk when australia post started selling folding recliner chairs. I wonder if the design will work irl?