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had a dream last night

don't remember much of it.

there were some children playing with a transparent golden sphere. It was divided in half internally, one compartment filled with rubber superballs (the high bounce kind). there was a hole in the divider and a hole in the empty compartment, so occasionally a superball would bounce out if the sphere rolled in a certain way.

The kids would grab the superballs in a kind of complicated game of dodge ball and hurl them at each other.

miles below, underground, there was some kind of cave or mine.

In the floor of one rough hewn tunnel there was a kind of trench shaped like a triangle with stubby arms on one corner, or a crooked numeral 4 (written with a closed top).

An injured man was lying by the trench next to a wooden derrick that covered the end of one trench.

from the top of the derrick was a chain that hung down into the trench, and hanging from the end of the chain was this huge 6 foot long lizard hanging from a meathook in its tail, shaped like a bearded dragon, or maybe a green chameleon. Another man would swing the chain so the lizard would slap against the end of the trench.

The lizard was crying, and its tears corroded the rock in the trench like sizzling acid.

Eventually the man swinging the lizard stopped to go down to a store room to collect water for the injured man.

At the bottom of the trench, the lizard's tears were unearthing a skeleton of a human being.

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