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identity protection services


Identity protection services, or individual identity protection is a relatively new financial service designed to protect consumers from identity theft.

Now you can pay $5 a month for people to run an Identity Score or Credit Monitoring check on you, if your bank doesn't already do so. (ANZ was famous for putting in a Credit Monitoring service called The Falcon as part of their account fees)

The demographics of those who are protecting themselves are telling:

"I think the only people that will end up paying for it are those that earn over $100,000 per year in income and have high security concerns," Litan said. "You see more concern in people over 55. The least concerned are the 18-24 crowd so the older you are, the more worried you are because you know all the things that can happen."

So that means that while the baby boomers are closing the drawbridge, there is a big soft target in the generation y crowd, who also happen to be the biggest users of the internet.

This means that a large scale distributed identity theft attack which focuses on creating crowd of zombie credit cards and tapping each for a few dollars billed to an internet business which the real cardholder would use anyway would be the most profitable kind of crime.

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