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Eeebuntu is awesome! the power management drivers finally work flawlessly and the machine goes into suspend and restores without a hitch. The managed packages easily install packages like the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, Subversion version tracker, Git version tracker and all the other stuff I need.

to get isotostick to work, I had to edit the script a little. I'll post full instructions here once it's fully reproducible on more than one brand of usb stick. (I think those sticks with the U3 firmware might be no good for this until you remove the U3 firmware using a windows based program.)

other people say they've had trouble free results creating the bootable usb stick with unetbootin


After I made the usb stick, I plugged in a SDHC card into the card slot and plugged the stick in to the usb port and hit esc during boot to select the stick.

I then had to UNMOUNT the SDHC card without ejecting it before I could install to the SDHC card.

After that everything worked perfectly.

(the same technique, unmounting without physically disconnecting, allowed me to install eeebuntu to a 400gb external harddrive).

eeebuntu is very much customised for the eee pc. the closest competitor, ubuntu-eee remix still tries to cater for other hardware platforms and so isn't quite so tailored.