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Barbie Realdoll

It's a body image disaster in the making - a barbie doll that stands at three feet tall and has a "stretch to fit" gown that a little girl can *try* to wear. The girl can then attempt to put her clothes on the rake skinny frame of the doll.

Hilarity ensues.

And then the doll falls over because it famously can't balance on its own feet.



My experience with buying a "My Size Barbie" last year was so horrible that I feel the need to warn consumers as I wish I had been warned last year. $129.99 doll that was the most expensive toy I ever purchased and the biggest piece of junk I ever bought. Cheap, doll will not stand, clothes are cheap, our dress was torn, tiny crown broke in an hour, clothes didn't fit doll or child. Ask to see this doll out of the box before you purchase it. -Cathi Curren (Saint Marys, PA United States)

As a collector of 32-inch walking dolls, I couldn't resist buying the My Size Barbie of Swan Lake. She is a whopping 38 inches in height and is made prettier and more durable than my walking dolls. The hair is weaved generously, not sparsely like my other dolls. As for the outfit that Barbie of Swan Lake came in, I never keep doll clothes anyway. I bought a cute pair of jeans and a T-shirt for infants 0 to 3 months old and shoes with socks for newborns. All fit Barbie perfectly and look darling as well. The jeans are long shorts or capris on her! - Aerowox (St. Paul, MN)

Well, my 3 year old got this from Santa. It was the one thing she REALLY wanted after seeing it on TV. So I broke down and bought it. My daughter LOVES this doll, as awkward as it is. She sleeps with it, carries it everywhere, wears the outfit constantly. However, this is in NO WAY worth even close to $...I would say $...at the most. We've had to tape the shoes on, the hair is a mess, the crown is in 2 pieces....same complaints everyone else had. I cringe at the fact that I spent so much on this doll. My only consolation is that she likes it so much. If your little girl wants this, wait until it's on clearance... - Candice Buchan (Michigan)