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Confused cat is confused

I was looking at pedro today tried to see things from his perspective.

Like most cats, he expresses his emotions mainly through his tail and the position of his ears.

Humans have relatively invisible, immobile ears and no tail.

I wonder how well I would fare, if I was in the company of beings who had body language, but spoke in voices I could not emulate and had completely immobile faces.

I would have to judge their emotions from their posture, the tone of their alien voices speaking a language composed of sounds I cannot make.

In addition to that, humans wear clothes over much of their bodies. Maybe my inscrutable alien friends, upon whom I would depend on for food and shelter, might compound the immobile face problem by wearing masks. Masks, which obviously have significance to other aliens, but for me appear to be completely arbitrary in their significance.

(And then these alien beings wake me up at random times and give me a cuddle when I want a cheezeburger. Or crunchies when I wanted to go outside.)


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Mar. 22nd, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
There are some people who have so little body language that I can't pick it up. I remember notably an old friend and GM of mine who nearly drove me mad, to the point where I emailed him while I was on holiday *in another country* asking him why he so clearly hated me. (He promptly patted me on the head - metaphorically - and told me everything was fine, what was my problem?)

It's crazy when you don't have body language to interpret. Ah, the wonders of the internet, eh? :)
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