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If robert jensen is correct, then the new rulers of the world will face the same guilt when they get to the top that the old rulers feel now that the ferris wheel is turning.

Question is, is the ferris wheel actually turning?

If fear no. 4 is an illusion, then hopefully the ferris wheel will fall on its side.

ETA: five minute summary -
Four fears are discussed -
fear that unearned privilege makes one soft and weak.
fear that movement to a more just society will result in personal loss.
fear that other races will be cruel when they get into power.
fear that a self-identified progressive has traces of closet racism.

by acknowledging that these fears exist in himself, Robert Jensen hopes to exorcise them from himself.




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Mar. 15th, 2009 11:42 pm (UTC)
Useful analysis - thanks for the link, bug!
Mar. 16th, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)
Let's take a look at how people remain strong in the face of these fears they should fall prey to. Obviously Robert Jensen is making a personal statement, but how do people in power manage to avoid making the same ones.

fear that unearned privilege makes one soft and weak.
We redefine what it means to earn something by revaluing work and stating anyone who does something must be worth around what they are paid to do that job. Sadly, capitalism usually does this too well and people who should have this viewpoint are very happy to ignore it completely. Also obfuscated by working hard and not taking time to consider other values, thus earning something by working for it and ignoring it.

fear that movement to a more just society will result in personal loss.
Make sure any action you take is supportable by legal action and representation. Sue for anything which could have been a personal loss to help perpetuate a system which uses more "justice" to protect society resulting in less freedoms and potential decreases in the overall justness of society.

fear that other races will be cruel when they get into power.
I'd honestly have to extend races to other social groups and you avoid it by tribalism and subscription to the propaganda of your tribe. As long as you have power, you can grow it. Interestingly, this has been the easiest one to use against people, probably because humans are naturally tribalistic. So many people fear Obama because he's black, not because he's liberal or inexperienced, those are the labels they use to assist their natural opinion of him in order to promote their propaganda.

fear that a self-identified progressive has traces of closet racism.
The nature of this one can't really be generalised, but a recognition that you're okay with your own biases and your right to hold opinions usually makes people more secure about perceptions made about them when facing other people or groups they could be accused of discriminating against.

I find it interesting all the discussion's of race, too. so many other things people use to tribalise themselves.

That's my irrelevant analysis for today =)
Mar. 16th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
haha. These are all interesting points, but I think white people's deepest fear is thier own (percieved!) genetic inferiourity - you've all heard the arguments how in 200 years blond-haired, blue-eyed people will be 'extinct' etc and everyone understands to a degree that blue eyes, pale skin and hair are recessive traits (this is how neo-nazis and crazy christian-offshoot groups justify thier segregation policies!).

I think white people (especially those not raised with first-hand exposure to other races/cultures) look at the equation black+white = black baby and think "f*ck. I might be more affluent than these other guys, but in the grand scheme of life I'm doomed!".

I don't think many of them stop for a second and realise that black+asian = black baby too, or indian+black baby = black baby, or arab+black baby = black baby (its all a matter of which conservative race you come from, i guess. Shame that black people seem to cop it hardest.) They don't stop to think that to a black person, black+white = less-black baby with a weird nose; extend that to an asian guy with bug-eyes and big feet, a sri-lankan with an unusualy flat face and pale skin, or a hispanic person with dark skin and pale eyes.

The only way I can think to combat this is for all races to be as indiscreet as possible when it come to choosing partners - mix the pot enough and eventually people will stop associating certain physical features as being 'undesirable' and start focussing on more important things - like money! - as desirable atributes.
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