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James Adkisson inspired by Fox News?



part of an informal survey on the fast moving newsgroup MIS

and the complete "manifesto"


this worries me.

it really does.

Doesn't he know that BillO et al were doing it for the lulz? Doesn't he know that nothing in this world happens for the reasons fox news says it does? That fox exaggerates for the sake of comedy? It sounds like James Adkisson thinks fox news is serious business. What worries me more, is that he's not alone.

ETA: I'm not a unitarian myself, but this gives me hope


It turns out that they subdued the gunman James Adkisson without killing him, at the cost of two of their own members.
from the link:


An eyewitness who was protecting her children a few feet from the gunman said it was remarkable how everyone was doing exactly what they needed to do — subduing the gunman, calling 911, tending to the victims, and evacuating the sanctuary….

The reason I am saying all this is — Media have done much to make us a fearful people — to emphasize the danger in the world. Real life is often NOT like that, and in this case — evil was overcome efficiently by LOVE. One eyewitness said: There are a lot more good guys in the world, but the bad guys get all the press….

Above all, please do not let bi-coastal myopia cloud your judgments — for every crazed wacko with a gun, there are thousands of civilized, rational, and loving people in East Tennessee who have produced a remarkable culture. …

In closing, I have been studying the behavior of crowds for decades, in old documents and in our UT football stadium, and more often than not ‘there is METHOD in the ‘madness’ of crowds’ — the METHOD of our TVUUC church is organized Love.”