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hay bar!

thekit anyway, it looks interesting - there's a lot of population genetics questions that can be answered with this system.
as well as practical applications for pest control.
deathbyshinies Cool.
thekit pity there isn't more genetic engineering though. it's moving further from systems biology and synthetic biology, which was my first love.
deathbyshinies How many specialisations are you going to end up with?!?!
thekit s&s biology is the way of the future. population genetics informs how it should be applied on broad release programs
It's kind of like if i said "Scottish medievalism is the way of the future, studying gilbert hay describes the mechanisms regulating scottish knights"
they fit together, some labs do more of one to exclude the other
deathbyshinies Ah.
thekit imagine if there was a Center for Hay Studies
you wanted to do wallace and bruce and all the other stuff, but they said
no wai
we do hay
so you realised you were in a "hay bar"
ok I think i beat that joke to death.
deathbyshinies I'm gonna take ya to a HAY BAR
Nope, *now* it's dead.
thekit hay bar us corpus?
deathbyshinies Oh, I'll produce the body alright!
thekit eeep!
can I lj this?


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Mar. 6th, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
Heehee :D Hay bar us corpus? Ouch.

To give this comment some useful content: if you are into s&sb you should come to Manchester! MIB is awesome, all the PhD students I know think so too. We keep on almost-collaborating with them... one day we'll actually get a project launched. In the meantime, talking to them is always interesting...
Mar. 6th, 2009 02:31 pm (UTC)
S&SB sounds terribly kinky doesn't it?

Yes, I am impressed with the MIB groups, especially the Kell lab. Dr Dunn went out of his way to help me back in 2005 and also showed me around the old kell lab back when I visited last.

I'd like to come back sometime and see how things are going.
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