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had a horrible nightmare

I did a bachelor of information technology and so I never met deathbyshinies. As a result, I was working for "couldbutdidnt.com" which was a vlog on a college humor network that tracked down failed reality tv stars and did biopics of them in a less than flattering tone.

I was in the middle of a meeting with my manager who was patiently explaining "Stop being such a pussy. You have to realise, thekit, we get advertising dollars for three things: Tits, ass and schadenfreude. Now go find those things and get them to sign us the rights."

At night, I was working on software for smart homes (I lived alone in a crackerbox apartment with an anamatronic cat). One of the features was that it could give firefighters a real time map of temperatures and oxygen levels in all the rooms that hadn't totally burned out yet. This allowed a "backdraft warning" system to tell firefighters which doors would explode when opened.

It also had a flythrough feature, which allowed firefighters to get used to the layout of the house. Creepy 3d representations of the family in the house populated the fly through, living their lives oblivious to the ghostly presence of the user. Dialogue overheard in the flythrough strongly suggests that the family murdered each other and then set the smart home on fire to cover the evidence.

on waking up, I searched "could and didn't" on google and came up with this.