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Forest fire fighting method with explosive hoses filled with an extinguishing agent (FIMEX)


Florence Daniault
WAGNER Alarm- und Sicherungssysteme GmbH
Successfully fighting high-intensity fire fronts with the innovative
explosive hose method 2RS System

Each summer, fire takes a terrible toll on the forest and wilderness areas of southern Europe. Fighting wildfires by dropping water from aircraft is expensive and wasteful, while traditional hoses are slow and labour-intensive. The FIMEX project brought together SMEs in Germany and France, and RTD performers in France and Greece, to develop a dramatically new fire-fighting technology. Large-bore hoses fitted with explosive charges are laid in front of the fire and filled with water. Detonation creates a fog of water droplets that rapidly puts out the fire. The efficiency of the explosive hose system in fighting intense fires in difficult Mediterranean terrain is now proven. Fire experts consider the system as a prominent solution for fighting high intensity fires, especially under extreme weather conditions and in isolated areas. The explosive hose system is distributed under the Trade Mark 2RS System

The FIMEX project
The FIMEX project “Forest fire fighting method with explosive hoses filled with an extinguishing agent” was funded by the European Community under the Programme "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" (EESD) of the Fifth Framework Programme. It involved the following partners from April 2001 to March 2003:

WAGNER Alarm- und Sicherungssysteme GmbH (Coordinator, Germany)
H. Seybold GmbH and Co. KG (Germany)
Wagner 2RS Vertriebs GmbH (Germany)
CEREN (France)
Algosystems SA (Greece)


I wonder if this worked? I remember reading people used to drop explosives on burning oil wells to snuff them out.

Do you think we could buy some units?