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Would it be possible to make a re-imagining of RoboCop that was respectful to people with PTSD while dealing with PTSD issues? In this re-imagining the subtext becomes overt - Police Officer Alex Murphy foils a bank heist where his partner Lewis is injured. He narrowly manages to kill gang leader Clarence Boddicker and capture a gang member alive who blows the lid off a citywide conspiracy involving corruption in high office and massive payoffs from large corporations. Alex Murphy is put on Modified Duty pending the investigation and tries to shrug off the trauma of his near death encounter with the gang members and the magnitude of taking human life. Unfortunately the medical staff assigned to him are more concerned keeping as many officers on the beleaguered streets of Detroit as possible so as soon as the investigation exonerates him of any wrongdoing he is put back on duty before he has a chance to fully grieve and psychologically heal. Where the original RoboCop had titanium armor, Alex Murphy has emotional armor that he can never take off. He is initially unable to remember the events of the shoot and the months afterwards beyond what is recorded in the official report. He begins to disintegrate as a human being, almost killing a suspect when responding to a gas station robbery. Once again exonerated, this time from an excessive force case brought by the machinegun-toting gas station robber, Alex Murphy passes the Detective Exam and becomes a detective.

He moves out of home, unable to relate to his wife and child. He tells his wife "They gave me this detective's badge to honor the cop that I was, but the man you loved is dead." At the bottom of his emotional arc he regains part of his memories after re-partnering with Lewis now also a detective. Together they identify the executive behind the bribery and corruption in the city and arrest and charge the executive. The media ask Alex Murphy "Are you some kind of supercop?" He replies "No I am just RegularCop."
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