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Had a horrible anxiety dream last night.
I was a food and beverage attendant cum bartender at a banquet for scientists.
The venue looked a lot like the atrium from bio21.

For the most part things were okay, but people kept insisting on buying this alcoholic cider called Schwyne.

Schwyne was a weak alcopop at about 5%v/v, with a taste which was at once pungent and vague. That wasn't the annoying part.
The annoying part was that Schwyne refused to use anything like a normal pricing system.

It came in two sizes, a 100ml standard bottle and a 250ml "magnum". They didn't have the grace to call them by their net volumes.
Instead the standard bottle was the 1.5 carat Schwyne priced in at $799.00 and the magnum was known as the 2.8 carat Schwyne and attraced a $1099.00 price tag.
The carat ratings of course did not refer to the size of the bottles, but to the amount of synthetic diamond used to make the silhouette of a swan of the bottles.
If a customer bought more than a "9 of Schwyne" (ie a sixpack of standard or four magnums) I was supposed to give a discounted price of $459 or $799 for the standard and magnum respectively.
If a customer bought more than a "7 of Schwyne" I was also supposed to validate their parking to get them out of the $37 fee for parking in the basement.

Everybody wanted Schwyne.


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