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Just watched "The Book of Eli"

went with my parents, and surprisingly it was a movie that we all found something to like about it.

From the horror of hunting for "cat oil" in a Apocalyptic landscape to the literal and figurative journey of Eli from man of war to man of peace, the Book of Eli struck me as a ode to different kinds of blindness - physical and moral.

It's a subtle film. There are plenty of surprises, but they all have clues leading up to them. I think everyone from the Hill Prion Lab should go see it, and then invite a friend home for a cup of tea.

Many critics feel that the ultra-graphic stylized violence and the Christian themes and symbolism have put it into a demographic black hole - too gory for church and too God-fearin for horror fans. I think it's those features that makes me like it.

There will be inevitable comparisons to Children of Men, but I'd say that Eli has a stronger buildup and finish.

Go see it. You'll either love it or hate it. Just don't tell your cat what you've seen.

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