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Others are full of WTF and make me want to punch people in the face with bricks:
Because glorifying the sex industry to children is a good thing. Suggesting to girls whose bodies are still developing that they need massive tits and require plastic surgery to get them or they have no value is a good thing. Because kids today don't actually need to let rip and be kids any more is a good thing. I AM CALLING BULLSHIT SO HARD RIGHT NOW. For fuck's sake tweens are kids aged 10-12. They're pre-pubescent which means that they should be out climbing trees and reading books and playing marbles and doing kids things, and they shouldn't even be having to think about being taken home by some Jonas Brothers douchebag lookalike and needing the morning after pill. In saying that, the only good thing about this game is that they're promoting NOT getting knocked up, but it's still a crock. Let kids be kids, man. Jesus.

- Fuvenusrs

''This sort of site sexualises women, which can create negative body images, low self-esteem and unhealthy ideas about women's roles in society in terms of sexual behaviour,'' said Dr Dooley, the scientific director of ECU's Cyber-bullying and Child Health Promotion Research Centre.

''Some older children can assess such sites critically, while younger ones can just take it on board and normalise these ideals as their own. Older children are likely to grasp the irony and social commentary aspect but younger children are unlikely to do that.

''If they are involved in it, they are more likely to be involved in it in a real sense - not that they think the characters are real but that this sort of behaviour is normal.

''The extent to which exposure to this sort of content affects their offline behaviour remains to be seen, but what is clear from other areas of research is that this sort of highly sexualised content creates unhealthy attitudes about sexual behaviour and intimate relationships. For example, it may lead to expectations that you need to be well-endowed or wear skimpy clothes to be popular.

''If I had a daughter, she would not be allowed anywhere near My Minx.''

from the article.

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