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In australian slang, a sook is a calf that is still feeding on milk and hasn't transitioned to grass yet. Calling a person a "sook" is a mild perjorative term, which likens them to a unweaned calf that constantly calls for its mother.

deathbyshinies noted that there appears to be no exact equivalent in the cow raising american and british english slang.

Calling somebody a "crybaby" is too mild and lacks the freudian aspects of the slur, where as calling somebody a "pansy" or "girly wuss" carries homophobic/misogynist overtones not present in "sook".

Interestingly enough, Mongolia has a term which serves a similar function, and recapitulates the oral fixation aspects of "Sook".

to quote "Breastfeeding in Mongolia" by Ruth Kamnitzer, Published in Mothering Magazine Issue 155 July/Aug 2009:

As three-year-old Calum was still feeding with the enthusiasm of a newborn and I wondered how weaning would eventually come about, I was curious about what prompted Mongolian children to self-wean. Some mothers said their child had simply lost interest. Others said peer pressure played a part. (I have heard Mongolian teenagers tease each other with “You want your mommy’s breasts!” in the same way Canadian kids say “Crybaby!”) More and more often, work commitments force weaning to happen earlier than would otherwise have occurred; children will often spend the summer in the countryside while a mother stays in the city to work, and during the extended separation her milk dries up. My friend Buana, now 20, explained her gold-medal breastfeeding career to me: “I grew up in a yurt way out in the countryside. My mom always told me to drink up, that it was good for me. I thought that’s what every nine-year-old was doing. When I went to school, I stopped.” She looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “But I still like to drink it sometimes.”

my childhood friend Cathy Murta, who now runs a company called mountain blue eyes which makes outdoor activewear for active nursing mothers.



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Thanks !
I just wanted to thank you for linking to www.momzelle.com. I'm glad you found some inspiration on our site !
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