thekit (thekit) wrote,

Thicker Thighs an indicator of a stronger heart

A new study has found that the thinner your thighs, the greater your risk of heart disease.

The research, published in today's edition of the British Medical Journal, reveals that thigh circumference is linked to the risk of heart disease and premature death.

The study looked at more than 2,800 men and women with an average age of around 50.

It found that the risk of heart disease more than doubled for both men and women who had a thigh circumference of less than 55 centimeters (22 inches).

Those participants with thighs between 55 and 60 centimeters (22 and 24 inches) received a protective effect against heart disease, the study reports.

But that protective effect reduced for people with thighs above 60 centimeters (24 inches) in circumference.

Would it have really cost much more to just add one more question to this study and ask if the people with big muscular thighs walked more than the people who didn't?
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