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just had the weirdest dream

There was a woman searching for answers.

she went to the temple of truth, which was a large circular maze made of rammed earth.

it was an easy maze, and at the center there was the room of truth.

funnily enough, when she got to the center the path diverged one last time: on the right was the room of truth and on the left was the gift shop.

on an impulse she chose the gift shop, reasoning she could visit the room of truth later.

on entering the gift shop she suddenly found herself in, well, a tacky gift shop. there was no trace of the maze, or the temple or the door she just walked through.

in the gift shop the cashier told her:

the lump in her breast was a physical manifestation of a re'kaab (one who is here), the cashier is a re'kaahel (one who came later) so she has no power to help: the re'kaab are an order above her and beyond her ability.

that the re'kaab was in her was very un-orthodox. usually if somebody wanted to destroy a town, they would convince a re'kaab to take up residence in a mare's breast - manifesting as a large mass surrounded by an inflamed capsule which would make medical examination draw the wrong conclusions.

the cashier told her that she had about a week before the re'kaab was mature.

the woman said it didn't matter. all that mattered was that she finished her report.

the woman went to a desolate place away from all people. in the wasteland she finished writing her report and placed it somewhere it would be found.

then she went further into the wasteland and sat in an open field, waiting for the end.

at the appointed time, there was a great earthquake,

the ground around her subsided and broke into tiny sharp rocks, and then the tiny butte of land that she was sitting on collapsed into the slide of jagged gravel.

she fell through the rockslide like a raft shooting the rapids.

then she woke, bloodied but whole, in an office building.

a computer was on a desk, it had a message for her.

the message said that the re'kaab had chosen her to be equal partners, not food.

it was up to her to decide if that was to her liking.


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Sep. 6th, 2009 11:27 am (UTC)
so graphic and so bizarre.but it's good she had a choice.
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