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from the dying alone department...


this gem came in from the ever informative Law and Ethics section of yahoo answers:

Is it legal to hire a prostitute as an “adult film actress” for a limited release (1 copy) movie???

It seems as though most, if not all women today demand that a man be physically perfect, wealthy, and able to display symbols of their wealth before they will even consider dating that individual.

By only dating the most ideal men, women have helped ensure that only the most fit are able to marry and reproduce, thus cleansing the human race of the genetic material that lead to the creating of less then perfect individuals.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those less-then-perfect individuals who, throughout his life has always been overlooked by women who, logically, were always choosing more fit candidates to date.

Additional Details
Now, as I rapidly approach my 25th birthday and the realization that, like most men, I will soon begin suffering from a decline in any sexual abilities I might have had after this point, I’m beginning to consider taking more drastic measures to attempt to ensure that I can experience the joy of being with a woman, something I’m told is one of the greatest experiences two people can share, before I die.

Specifically, I’m considering employing the services of a “professional woman”.

Obviously though, I don’t want to end up becoming entangled in some police sting operation and think that I may have found a way to avoid such a fate.

Specifically, I was wondering if it is legal to ask a woman who has positioned herself either on the street or on Craigslist as a prostitute to co-star in an “adult-film” you are producing and offer her her usual fee as a “salary” for her services as an actress as opposed to paying her directly for sex.

Since I would be offering her a salary for her “acting” then, even if she were a cop, I’m hoping that she would not be able to arrest me since paying an actress a salary is not illegal.

Can any of you see any legal pitfalls in my current scheme???

PS. I already know all about protection, etc. I simply want to discuss legal issues in this post.


You seem like a fine candidate for a medical study being conducted by Dr. Jack Kevorkian. It's not euthanasia, it's a medical study.

It's almost as good as the "reassuring" post from CraziTrini85 about the health implications of Random Boner Syndrome.



Aug. 24th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
Kill them with FIRE!
Aug. 25th, 2009 01:08 am (UTC)
I'm going to do it WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND. Yes.

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