thekit (thekit) wrote,

In which I become an actor in a gay zombie film

I've has just had an awesome time at Oh! The Horror! where damien6's Gay Zombie short film "Open For Inspection" had its first screening. People were laughing! and it wasn't just us who were in it who were laughing! it was strangers laughing!

Also screened was "Igor and Mal" by Michael Kratochival which looked and sounded sort of like what would happen if you got David Lynch addicted to ice and then locked him in the trunk of a buick for a week with nothing but a legal pad and a stub pencil.

And the beautifully shot and very disturbing "LAPSE" by Scott Alexander, which melded grubby-yet-sterile hospital and industrial interiors of a mental ward around the story of a cleaning contractor who loses their ID card and is mistaken for a patient.

I loved the supporting band Ally Oop and the Octopus brothers, which had a lot of high energy schlock rap.

Finally there was a number of numbers from the upcoming musical Oh The Horror, about a diner which becomes the refuge for a number of famous horror film villains who are fleeing from the ravening mobs of normals bent on their destruction. The premise was brilliant, the music campy and the writing witty. I only wish the sound was mixed a little better so I didn't have to strain to hear Leatherface complaining about the superficiality of those obsessed with beauty that was only skin deep...
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