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finally got some sleep, had two dreams:

first was that there was this game, where you were a mouse and you won points by number of seconds you survived. You were on this rolling grassy field, and three other kinds of creature were there.

There were a lot of the first kind, livestock, which were afraid of you and would run away. the livestock were still dangerous, because if they got too close they could stomp you to death. livestock mostly stood around eating grass until you got close or something happened, then they moved in a flocking behaviour.

the second kind was about 3x rarer, wolves. The wolves loved to eat livestock, but would pack hunt anything - especially you. you could try and run to the livestock to distract the wolves, or get the livestock to try and kick the wolves. A better tactic would be to get the attention of the third kind of creature.

The third kind of creature was humans. they were armed with a gun and were trying to protect the livestock, but they were very few. maybe only one or two humans in the game. they weren't safe to get close to - they would stomp you or shoot you if they got annoyed by you. they spent most of their time shooting wolves that got too close to the livestock. they exhibit small scale squad co-operation, but nothing on the level that the wolves have.

like i said, the challenge is to stay alive.

the second dream was that there was a genetics camp that was sort of like master-chef for geneticists.

by night you were distracted by the free-love party atmosphere, but by day you had to perform experiments.

on the first day you picked a lab partner and were given a catalog of experiments ranging in difficulty.

1 point experiments were simple crosses ( it could be any organism, but I was looking at the dros section of the catalog ) and you were awarded a point for getting the genotype desired. Virgins were provided for the first week, but you had to collect them yourself from the newly eclosing bottles.

5 point experiments were multistage crosses that you had to design the crossing scheme for.

10 point experiments were things like linkage mapping, or p-element excision knockouts.

Camera crews would stick their lenses in your face while you were at the bench, or on the dancefloor, or in your bedroom to make a the show,

the host would periodically show up and offer you tempting deals - you could trade points for some pre-collected virgins of a specific genotype, or maybe pend 5 points and get a prize to take home like a refrigerator.

at the end of each week you needed to have a quota of points to stay in the show by creating the correct flies. it started of 5 points, so you might have to run multiple experiments at once. the quota rose each week.

tempers flared, alliances were made and broken. people wished they were mice.


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Aug. 14th, 2009 11:46 am (UTC)
you've just dreamed up how to make genetics into a computer game and reality tv!.
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