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In the Footsteps of Lucius of Cyrene


Currently most of the western world hasn't crapped all over the libyan roman ruins, but thanks to warming relations between Libya and the USA, we might soon get our chance.

The best place to picnic at Leptis Magna, indeed one of the best anywhere, is on the opposite side of the Severan Port to the Lighthouse where you can perch high above the Sea on a convenient Roman ruin. Here you can see/imagine the waterfront exports/activities of Septimus Severus some 2,200 years ago whilst in reality the gannets dive into the Bay to fish. From ahigh you can imagine being the Emporer himself (until your psychiatrist intervenes!). Do this alone or with partner only - there is little room for many on this spot and it would spoil the illusion.

And if you go now, you might be the only couple there.