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It's a game where you type in any of the 10,000 words in it's dictionary and use them to solve puzzles.

I could spend a few paragraphs talking about the fact that 5th Cell is known for innovation with games such as Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest. I could mention how fantastic the early trailers for Scribblenauts are, and how excited I was to finally get to see the game. I could talk about how the concept behind the game is to use objects to achieve goals, and how those objects are only limited to the game's robust, 10,000 word dictionary. I could do all of that.

Instead, here's a list of words that I typed into Scribblenauts that actually created objects that I could use to solve puzzles in the title:

* Beaver
* Bulldozer
* Chainsaw
* Hose
* Sword
* Helicopter
* Dragon
* Cat
* Ceiling Cat
* Long Cat
* Cthulhu
* Axe
* Football
* Octopus
* Zombie

And here are some things I did with them:

* Had a beaver cut down a tree.
* Put a hose in a whale's blowhole.
* Had a bulldozer push a whale into the water.
* Fought a Dragon with a sword.
* Fought a Dragon with a chainsaw.
* Was watched by Ceiling Cat.
* Flipped a helicopter around and crashed.
* Stared in awe as Cthulhu appeared.
* Had Long Cat fight a Zombie. Long Cat won. Seriously.