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kiss of the spider woman


The police of Russia’s Tambov region arrested a female rapist, who committed perverse crimes against at least ten males. The woman would slip a Mickey Finn into their strong drinks and expose them to brutal sexual abuse. One of the woman’s victims refused to file a report against her.

Valeria K., a 32-year-old woman, was nicknamed as ‘Female Spider.’ The woman was collecting spiders and was a big fan of thrillers. She would lure men into her abode, give them strong drinks with a narcotic substance in them and then use them to realize her hideous sexual fantasies, Life.ru website said.

Valeria used to be a student of the Tambov University and never tried to attract public attention to herself. However, she turned out to be a nightmare to her men: she treated her victims as a female spider that sucks her males dry after copulation. Her friends said that Valeria was a big fan of sophisticated horror films and spidery creatures. She was greatly attracted to the stories about the so-called Black Widow (Wikipedia link). All her male acquaintances would become hospital patients, one after another.

The men would be hospitalized after their romantic meeting with Valeria. All of them were diagnosed with clonidine poisoning and indications of sexual abuse.

The men’s stories of their acquaintance with Valeria were identical. All that they could remember was their meeting with the woman and her invitation to come and visit her place to have some wine. The rapist would then strap the men’s genitals with a rubber binder and do whatever she wanted to do with them.

Tabloid journalism aside, this kink is not ok - there's no consent here.

Still, how did the story get out if there were no charges filed?


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Jun. 26th, 2009 07:18 am (UTC)
"_one of_ the woman's victims refused to file a report"

I' wrote a song about this once - I wish I had the lyrics on hand :(
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